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Bite Sized Bid Management Level 2
Location: Via webinar
Date: 29/09/2022
Time: 13:30 - 15:30

Bite Sized Bid Management Level 2: Improving Bid Responses

Location: Via webinar

Time: 13:30 – 15:30


The UK Government aims to transform public procurement to allow for innovative suppliers to be more easily identifiable within public procurement exercises, and revolutionise how it spends over £300bn in contracts.


Those wishing to supply the public sector, however, are still up against stiff competition from those who understand how to bid successfully for tenders without always necessarily being the best supplier for the job.


This 2 hour workshop focuses on the bid and tender responses themselves and covers the contents of invitations to tender, award criteria and using evaluation matrices to inform your bid strategy. Importantly we discuss subjects like added value, social value, environmental management and risk.


Additionally, the workshop includes how to make responses more compelling and how to provide evidence to get those top marks, as well as methodologies on how to approach structuring and

writing the response.


These workshops have been developed and delivered by procurement and bid professionals for over a decade, helping suppliers to cut through the jargon, and unravel the unnecessary complexity of public procurement process, allowing you, as a supplier, to stop your competitors from winning unopposed.


The material within will help you sell the benefits of your organisation and give you the tools for understanding how to approach difficult tender questions, to attract high scores.


Our experienced presenters share depth knowledge of successfully tendering for contracts, obtained through working in public and private sector procurement and are also experienced in managing the tender process and in producing successful tender responses for other clients.


We also offer a level 1 to this workshop; “Demystifying Public Procurement” which runs in the morning and can be booked as a package for a lower cost of £149.99 + vat. Collectively both workshops typically cover the following topics ;


  • The Procurement Perspective

  • The Public Sector & Regulation

  • Selection and award criteria

  • Price versus Quality

  • Using scoring methodology to score more points

  • Features and Benefits, structuring your response

  • Providing Evidence to maximise scores

  • Going above and beyond to add value and reach for those most elusive points.

  • Getting shortlisted (with written examples including topics on; subcontractors, social value, KPIs, management information, service level agreements, added value, corporate social responsibility and sustainability)

  • Methodology style questions, 4 steps to success.

  • Common Pitfalls and 'Quick Wins'

  • Turning past failure into future success through obtaining valuable feedback




  • Those who wish to secure work and/or contracts within the Public Sector.

  • Those who have had limited success bidding for work and want to increase understanding of the tendering process.

  • Those who want practical advice on how to improve tender submissions to maximise success and potential growth of their business / portfolio.

  • Any organisation who wants to win (or win more) ‘public sector’ contracts!




We are currently offering this training workshop as a web conference in light of social distancing rules. The price for this training is just £79+ vat.


We also try to keep attendees limited to ensure that everyone is represented equally throughout and has chance to ask questions.


For more information please contact us.


By telephone:

+44 114 407 00 56


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